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  • How Much Is the Cost of Umrah?

    Umrah is a revered act that Muslims undertake throughout the year and it is a completely voluntary practice that holds immense relevance in Islam. Those who want to perform Umrah can acquire different deals and bundles from their local travel agencies. Muslims living in UK can choose Muslim Holy Travel as their agency if they are planning to embark on this minor pilgrimage. Their packages are not costly and they also do not possess any sort of hidden charges that can exceed your budget limit. The overall cost of their most availed Umrah packages is described below:

    10 Nights 5 Star Deluxe Umrah Package 2022

    This is one of the most renowned Umrah deals that Muslims living in UK may obtain. It contains an Umrah visa, returns flights, 5 nights in Makkah & Madinah 5-star hotel, direct flights that can be arranged on special request, and many more. This package is based on 4 people sharing and the overall price of this package is £775/pp. The price also varies depending upon the things you want to include in your package and if you want to customize it, Muslim Holy Travel can also do so.

    5 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package 2022

    It is another most economical Umrah package that serves Muslims with a lesser budget. They can get this deal and also modify it based on their inclinations. This includes all the required facilities that you might require and the agents of Muslim Holy Travel will fulfill it for you. In this amazing package, you will get to spend 3 nights in Makkah and 2 nights in Madinah and it also includes all the ziayarats with a local tour guide. The price of this package starts from £565/pp. It’s a quite budget-friendly rate and people with lower finances must not miss this opportunity.

    7 Nights 3 Star 7 4-Star Umrah Packages 2022

    This package is another great opportunity that people planning to perform Umrah with families or alone should not overlook in any case. You can enjoy 4 days in Makkah and 3 days in Madinah and you will be fully covered by Muslim Holy Travel. The entire cost of this exclusive deal starts from £615/pp.

    Summing Up

    Different Umrah packages have different price ranges and you can acquire the one that best matches your needs. Customization is available on almost all the packages and you can conveniently add or eliminate things you want.

  • Have You Ever Visited the Miraculous Healing Well in Madinah?

    Have You Ever Visited the Miraculous Healing Well in Madinah?

    Beer-e-Shifa has a significant historical background and is considered the miraculous healing well that provides a soothing effect to the visitors. This well is reported to be present for about 1200-1400 years. The water running in the well was considered extremely fresh. People who live in the nearby village in Madinah and those who visit the significant place could fetch the water for different purposes. It was seen that the water was contaminated due to extreme pollution and people were getting ill. This poisonous water was then purified after the Holy Prophet (PBUH) claimed the water to be clean and eradicated the poisonousness from the water.

    Miracles of Beer-e-Shifa

    There are different miracles present in history to state about the most precious healing well. This Beer-e-Shifa was considered to be poisonous and dirty before because of the pollution and toxicities dumped in the well. It has been reported in different historical stories that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was reported about the illnesses that people have accompanies due to drinking water from the well. On hearing this news, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) instantaneously went to help the villagers. He spat in the water of the well and announced that the water is now safe for drinking purposes. It was also reported that the water immediately turned sweet after that. After this scenario, the water in this respective well was denoted as Aab-e-Shifa.

    Significance of Aab-e-Shifa

    The Aab-e-Shifa is now used for curing different ailments in people. This well is known as the most sacred well in Madinah and people from faraway destinations come to visit and drink this water to cure their diseases and to get the purest water to drink. The water of this well is extremely in demand because of its magnificent healing power to cure deadly diseases and act as a purifier to excrete out all the toxicities inside the body. A lot of people come for ziarat and seek the beauty of well as the water is pure and cold. People are provided with a vast range of facilities to fetch the water for consumption. A motor is attached to the well that helps people to get access to water and fill in bottles for drinking and other purposes.

    How to Visit Beer-e-Shifa in an Affordable Way?

    People who visit Makkah and Madinah for the purpose to execute the rituals of Umrah and Hajj can visit the well in an affordable way. They can execute the religious obligation and also could have the opportunity to perform ziarat of different historical paces. In different packages of Umrah, the travel agencies add the facility of ziarat that helps the people to visit historical places. The 20 Nights Umrah Packages are the best way to visit the Beer-e-Shifa. Various travel agencies also provide the option of hiring a guide who instructs the travelers for various information. They also guide the pilgrims in the required steps to execute the rituals of Umrah according to Sunnah.

  • A Wonderful Journey – Everything You Should Know?

    A Wonderful Journey – Everything You Should Know?

    Umrah entails more than just rites. It’s a means to nurture your complete spirit while also requesting a pardon from Almighty Allah. Let me tell you about my Umrah experience with my family and relatives. It was, without a doubt, the most unforgettable day of my life. First and foremost, before going on this remarkable journey, we looked for several Umrah packages that properly met our needs. We discovered exceptional inexpensive Umrah packages from a recognized travel operator in the UK after extensive research and availed 12 nights Umrah packages. They have been extremely kind to us and have made our stay even more enjoyable and trouble-free. A quality bundle can make your whole journey easy and comfortable.

    The administration informed us of the location (Miqat) where we wore Ihram while being on the airplane. Our excursion was both efficient and delightful. My family was overjoyed, particularly my mother, who had long wished to see the House of Allah (SWT). We were all enthralled by the splendor of Masjid Al-Haram when we entered its gate. To be honest, it’s a divine experience. Muslims all across the globe should visit this place to perform Umrah and Hajj at least once in their life.

    Umrah Rituals

    We began performing Tawaf after reciting a Dua in front of the Kaaba in an anti-clockwise manner. We were all filled with joy and gratitude. It was the most magnificent moment when could ever experience. Undertaking Umrah is an excellent way to seek repentance. Certainly, Allah Almighty is the kindest and forgiving. To seek his forgiveness, your heart should be honest and clear of any wrong thoughts. He (SWT) despises arrogance, conceit, as well as superiority. Be modest and considerate! The next phase we followed was Sai, which was the most thrilling and wonderful aspect of the process. We sprinted between both the hills of Safa and Marwa in memory of Hazrat Hajra’s (A.S) struggles for her son Hazrat Ismail (A.S).

    Umrah is a remarkable journey that strengthens your belief and makes you a better person. It allows you to focus on your previous errors and terrible acts and provides you the opportunity to make amends. Our journey went off without a hitch, and we had no problems. We set aside all earthly concerns and were engaged in worshipping Allah Almighty.

    In Short,

    It is easy for Muslims to obtain low-cost 12 nights Umrah packages from reputable travel companies. My tour was a life-changing experience for me since it brought me nearer to Allah Almighty. I was not the type of person who pray 5 times a day, but after this amazing journey, I began praying instinctively. I realized why Namaz is so crucial. And how it benefits us both now and in the afterlife. After this holy pilgrimage, I feel immensely lucky and fulfilled. This was a once-in-a-lifetime event for me that I feel every Muslim should have. Furthermore, I have the impression that Allah (SWT) has forgiven me and lavished His infinite blessings on me.